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Move your character to the left/right using keys A/D. Press key W or spacebar for jumping. Use the left mouse to assault the enemies.


It’s not easy to survive in a world full of deadly traps and evil enemies. In game, you have to get through all of those things so you must have your skills ready to fight against them. Being armed with the only sword, you need to swing it wisely to attack all rivals, slay them all then quickly steal a half of their gold. During the fight, you have to be careful with the traps around you. If you fall into one of them, you won’t be able to win. Gather a lot of coins so as to increase your rank on the leaderboard, which gradually takes you to the top. For more coins, you should try jumping higher on the level, and don’t worry about your health being lost because it will be retrieved by the hearts if you get damaged. Let’s jump in this free-for-all game right now to begin your challenges!

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