Slither io Tips

Slither io Tips

Slitherio Tips

Do you want to know how to survive longer and become the powerful snake in game? Let’s check out tips right now! With these useful tips, you can try to obtain your goal!

Useful tips in game

Nothing to be sure that being the biggest is the most powerful! In game, the smallest snake can totally become the largest instantly if it has some of the suitable positions. When you get bigger, it can advance to go further from the middle of the map and utilize a stable strategy.

Different from, your length won’t be lost when the time passes by. So, no hurry to continue absorbing the colorful pellets and you can eat them whenever you can.

There is a famous strategy named Coiling, including utilizing the length to make a full circle surrounding an enemy and gently smash them until they have to sprint toward you and “bang”. But, when you circle the enemy, you give out a diminutive target, and you will find it easy to be circled yourself. So, stay watchful!

Don’t be scared to go over your tail. In this, you are totally able to go over your tail, which is completely different from other classic arcade games. You can use this way as an advantage if you want to run away from an opponent trying to enter your way or hinder you, or stop someone from choosing a big amount of pellets that you are targeting.

Stay alert to the snakes that have similar color and size to your snake. Don’t think that crossing your tail is the way to find that that snake is an enemy! Don’t risk yourself!

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