Slither io top-list Tactic & Retards Tips

Slither io top-list Tactic & Retards Tips

io top-list Tactic & Retards Tips

Are you a big fan of game? Do you want to become the most powerful snake in the whole game map? Let’s check out some tactics and tips to make your dream come true! is a famous strategic survival game in which you have to take control of a snake and make it bigger, longer, and ber by eating all the pellets surrounding to develop the size. For those who want to be ranked first in the top-list, they should check this tactic and tips out!

How to be in top-list

  • Go to the middle of the map where you will enjoy all the fun and interests
  • Make an effort to chop giant guys. To do that, you need to control your snake and run in the same direction, then try to speed up and turn towards that guy. But, you should be careful if he fulfills that first, or else you will get destroyed. However, if you are still a tadpole, no need to be afraid of losing anything.
  • Surround the diminutive snakes, tighten the coils when time moves, destroying your prey. Stay alert to the wicked gangs and try not to get surrounded by other snakes.
  • When you reach 4000 size or even more than that, you need to traverse the corner of the world. The afk snakes usually move through there. Try to hunt for them, catch them and surround them. You can totally predict them and remember, don’t speed up. But there will be AI trying to stop the crashes.

Retards Tips

  • Don’t be cocky!
  • Grab all the chances when they come to you
  • Wall off a bunch of food
  • When you begin turning large gently, the way you control your snake can become stupid a bit, and you can get boxed in, which is the very bad thing that might occur to you.
  • Don’t let other snakes get closer to you; you can make as if you are launching the attacks, they will surely get freaking scared.

When you feel suspicious, you can totally turn around and head toward another way, try to stay alive as long as possible.

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