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Tips include a list of tricks and many useful guides for Slitherio online game. Let’s explore all of them right now!

  • In this game, it has no guarantee of success if you are the big snake. The small snake can kill the larger players if they have the correct position to attack. When you become large, you will have to apply a strategy to survive. You can move further from the center, too.
  • In Slitherio, your length will not be reduced passively over time as So, you don’t need to rush to eat pellets. And you will have much more time to enjoy your journey and enlarge.
  • You can see that coiling is the popular strategy in Slitherio game. You can apply this way by creating a complete loop around the prey and make them run into you slowly. While you are coiling, you should keep an eye on the enemy. At this time, you can be attacked by another snake. However, you can absorb the prey and their food if you are strong enough.
  • Coiling can help you protect a large group of pellets from being eaten by others.
  • You can swallow the pellet nearby without coiling if they are nearby.
  • Don’t be afraid of crossing your tail! Indeed, it is not like in the classic arcade games. It’s free for you to cross the own tail in this Slitherio game. It looks like the advantage if you need to escape from the enemy’s trap. Don’t let them block your way when you are trying to eat pellets!
  • Use your tail of other snakes as the advantage in some cases which the combination of your an/d other player’s tail can cut off the tail of the third.
  • Watch out the snake having the same color and size! It’s not safe for you to think you are crossing your own tail to find it was an opponent.
  • Defensive uses speed boosting gives you the way to escape from dangerous locations. It intimidates others getting away pellets or discourage them from cutting you off.
  • Speed boosting doesn’t change the turning speed. Turning circle when you boost is much larger. It’s better to boost after the snake turns around.
  • When you have over 10k mass, you can apply one of the defensive strategies to move around in a big circle and coil. It means that when you get threat, it is safe to escape inside the circle. You can eat the next pellet when you are safe.
  • Avoid playing aggressively on a snake. Perhaps they can see the suitable movement and make you fail with your plan. This strategy should be accomplished when feeding on a recently slain snake.
  • When you feed off a recently slain snake, you should steer away if you see another player coming from the opposite direction.
  • Boosting when you are still small is very dangerous. It can make you fail when you feed off the recently slain snake because of a short snake having smaller vision.
  • Vertical vision in this game is smaller than the horizontal vision. So, the speed boosting while you are moving up or down is not safe.
  • Adjust the browser size so that it becomes square. It zooms out and provides equal viewing distance from the snake to both edges.
  • Watch out the mini map. Thus, you will not feel surprised when standing in front of the boundaries. Don’t touch them!
  • Don’t try to cross the center of the screen with the cursor when turning around! It can lead you to the wrong direction, and you can be killed by larger players.
  • If you are affected by lag, you can change to low graphics in the top right of the main screen. Or close other tabs, apps.
  • For slow computers, a snake dying can make the Slitherio game freeze within some seconds. And it can cause deaths in crowded areas.

In-game features

Besides these tips, we have some exciting features in online game. They are:

  • Zoom in and out
  • Custom Skins
  • Show your current location
  • Keep track of the FPS with FPS counter
  • Follow the IP of friend’s server with your present one
  • Join your friend’s IP
  • Select the normal background to fix the low-end system
  • Reduce the flow to help the low systems
  • Graphic mode for your selection
  • Play the game with your buddies (connect to the servers straightly)
  • All nicks and settings are saved
  • Server selection
  • Snake Skin Rotator for turning off/on rotator
  • Background changer
  • Respawn
  • Return to the main menu when you die
  • Mod option
  • Live update
  • Turn on/off the HUD
  • Reset Zoom
  • Speed burst with key Shift
  • Brand new UI

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