Slitherio Controls

Slitherio Controls

It’s very simple to master controls in Slitherio game! On browsers, you can control your snake with your mouse. And it will move following the cursor. Aside from that, your snake can be controlled by using the left and right arrows. On mobile, you just press and hold the location that you want it to go.

Speed boosting

In game, you can boost by clicking and holding the left mouse, the arrow key or Spacebar. After that, you can see it run faster. This action makes the speed of your character increase clearly even it is not too long. However, it’s pretty hard to manage to avoid the obstacle. So, you need to ensure to have a safe space when you decide to burst. Don’t run into other snakes or you will have to restart!

When a snake boosts, you can realize easily. He will leave a shining trail. And you can know that he is trying to chase or escape.

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