Slitherio Length

Slitherio Length

Length seems to be the most important element in Slitherio game to help a snake dominate the leaderboard. The length is also the size which is found in the lower left-hand corner of the game.
To increase the length, you should eat as much as possible. Pellets are the main nutrient source to grow longer. They spawn randomly on the map. Or they can be created when the other boost. Also, you can absorb pellets when you see dead bodies. The Slitherio length affects to the turning speed and radius. If you are the big snake, it’s pretty hard for you to move or turn.
Besides, the vision of players in is influenced by the length. The camera will zoom out the bigger, and they become up to a certain distance. But players can still have a small vision even after they have eaten a large number of food.

Ranking and Leaderboard

You can see the location that you rank and the current length. The leaderboard will show you the current length you have and the names of the longest snakes of the game.

Slitherio Length

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