Slitherio Pellets

Slitherio Pellets

Slitherio PelletsPellets are the main food source of snakes in Slitherio online game. Pellets are very useful for small snakes to grow longer and ber. It helps you increase the size and length quickly. If you are lucky, you can absorb the bigger pellets. In that case, your snake will enlarge faster.
Pellets spawn randomly in game. But you also can see them behind the tail of a snake when he boosts. Pellets will be created after a snake died. You should swallow them immediately to produce the new energy for your body.
In this awesome Slitherio game, there are many special pellets. They look like larger than most of other pellets. They move around the map and often avoid players. When you eat these, they will give you much more amount of length. So, it is very worthy for you to chase and grab them, especially from the starting.

Pellets Contribution to Length

Type of Pellet Length Range Length Average Created/Spawned
Natural 0.5 – 4 1.8 Randomly spawn around the map, near players
Boost Trail 1.2 – 1.4 1.3 Appear behind players as they use their movement burst
Special Randomly spawn close to players
Player Death Generated when a snake dies


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