Slitherio Snakes

Slitherio Snakes

Slitherio SnakesSnakes are the major characters in Slitherio online game. You are one of the smallest snakes from the starting. To grow longer, you need to eat as much as possible. Collect all glowing circles and pellets to enlarge. In, you can boost by pressing the left mouse or Spacebar button. You will move faster for a moment. But your size and length will be slightly reduced after that. And you can see a trail of pellets behind you. Try your best to avoid the tail of the other Slitherio snakes! Don’t run into their tail of you will be killed! Aside from that, you can be destroyed if you hit the boundaries of the map. However, you will not drop any pellet in this case.

Snake skins

In, there are a lot of impressive skins for players to use. By default, players will have one of the first nine skins randomly. They can unlock other skins and choose the favorite skin by sharing this game with the social community. It’s very easy to find these buttons.

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