Slitherio Strategies

Slitherio Strategies


Aggressive is one of the major strategies you can apply to play Slitherio online game. It is used to destroy other snakes. It includes three parts called coiling, cutting people off and baiting.

Slitherio Strategies

Coiling is a strategy that you will encircle a prey. When you do that, you will create a circle around the opponent. And your coils can constrict after that. It makes the other hard to escape or avoid hitting you. But you should pay attention to the enemy. They can attack you while you are trying to kill your prey. In some cases, you can become the killer if you find the way to coil around a snake who is attempting to coil a player. Of course, you need to have enough length in that situation. Also, you can let the other get out of your incomplete loop. They will use the gap to run away and block your path. Then, destroy you instead.
There is a variation of coiling. It involves encircling pellets of dead snakes to prevent them from being killed by others.

Cutting other snakes off

Cutting off is the most basic technique in game. You can use it by boosting suddenly to turn in front of the other. This movement makes other player run into you and explode into a lot of pellets. And they will become the tasty dinner for you. This strategy is possible even you are much smaller than the opponent. So, be careful of somebody near you suddenly boost. They may prepare to cross your path and eat you.


When you are longer, baiting game is the best way. After being killed, you can pretend that you will not come back. But you make a wide loop back onto yourself, and someone will take the bait. You can coil them, next.


Defensive is the strategy to help you survive in Slitherio. It consists of de-coiling, shielding, and defensive circling.


When another player tries to trap you, you can encircle a bit in front of them to cut off them. If they come back with boosting, you can simply continue doing this action. Grazing like that will not kill you. Remember to use this way to your advantage and push them back until they give up.


Shielding is a technique that involves going back and using the tail as a shield to protect your snake from the enemy attack. Shielding is very useful for an escape route. But you can be vulnerable when you face larger snakes who are coiling you.

Defensive circling

It’s helpful to move around in a tight circle in a crowded area where can contain lots of snakes. This defensive circling works when you are in between two snakes in And you can get trouble or danger from one of them or the fourth snake. Defensive circling is done in the situation like that. It makes the others hard to coil.


Opportunistic is the strategy in relating to taking advantage of interactions of multiple players. It has scavenging (vulture), tailing, and crunching.

Scavenging (Vulture)

This technique allows players to eat pellets from the recently slain snake without trying to kill them.


Tailing is used when you chase a bigger snake with the hope absorb pellets after he collides or when you grab the kill on the larger snake. It’s pretty risky when tailing as a small snake. The snake that gets tailed can cut off the path or even coil to revenge.


Crunching is the technique in Slitherio to wedge a player between two others. You can move parallel to a larger snake, try to catch up and cut him off. If you are lucky, you can take this chance to move towards. Make the player run into you and disappear.

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