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Use the mouse to move your rocket. Click left mouse to boost. Use key 1 for the rock stance, key 2 for the paper stance and key 3 for the scissors stance.

About must be a unique browser-based game with a fun concept! This free-for-all game follows the classic rules of rock, paper and scissors game, and there is a battle between these characters. Rock kills scissors, scissors kills paper, and paper kills rock. You will direct a rocket around the map then choose a rock stance, or a paper stance or a scissors stance to destroy your opponents. The best advice for you is that you should quickly change your current stance to a stronger one when you see someone coming close to you. This will let you defeat them easily and you can secure a kill. Make sure you only focus on weaker opponents while staying away from the stronger ones. Your goal is to lead the team to the final glory and become the best rocket of all. Let’s come play this IO game right now! Good luck to you!

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