Angry Snakes

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Move the snake using the mouse, click the left mouse button to speed up.

About Angry Snakes

Angry Snakes

Come to play another Slither Style IO game called Angry Snakes and take this chance to demonstrate your abilities again. The game pits you against many rival snakes controlled by real human players from around the world. You will direct an angry snake around the map trying to eat as many foods as possible to grow your size. Once you have gotten larger, you will be able to destroy the enemy snakes. You should use your body to encircle them, or speed up to block their movements, causing them to crash into you instantly. Speeding up is great, but don’t do this too much, or else your mass will be reduced over time, making you find more foods to eat again. You should defend the head of your snake all the time, stay alive for as long as possible and turn yourself into the angriest snake in the arena! Good luck to you!

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