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Speed up your ship with the right mouse, fire enemies with the left mouse. Or you can use spacebar for shooting, and key W for accelerating. Launch your missiles with key E and use key Q for boosting.


Start to pilot your own spacecraft around in space in a fantastic Asteroids game called! A brand new challenging battle is awaiting you ahead, so grab a chance now to fight against skilled opponents. You must control the spacecraft to gather more plasma which is an element that increases the size of the spacecraft as well as makes it stronger. During your quest, you have to dodge the bigger ships and attempt to take out the weaker ones. Also, you should utilize some missiles and items, such as death ray, or invisibility because these things will help you get an edge over the rivals for sure. The items can be obtained from shooting the asteroids. So, feel free to fire them all when you have a chance. Make sure you elude the assaults of your opponents, or else your ship will soak damage, causing your adventure to come to an end. Good luck!


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