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Move your character around the pitch using the mouse. Use key C or the right mouse button to dash, click left mouse to speed up. Use key X to brake, change the camera with key F.


Play as a skilled football player in a nice sports team-based game called! You will engage in a football match with your team and try to compete against the opposing team for getting crowned as a champion. When the match begins, you will start to move around attempting to dribble the white ball into the goal of your enemy team for scoring points. The enemies will carry out the same mission, and they won’t be hesitant to stop you from scoring. So make sure you work with your teammates to defeat them all. You should make careful movements and use the speed burst to get an edge over the enemies. There is a power bar at the bottom of the screen, which runs out through over time. You should gather a lot of blue or green energy circles spreading around on the pitch to refill it. Join it now and play to become a winner!

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