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Move your character using WASD. Press spacebar for jumping. Aim and shoot at enemies using the mouse. Press key Q to choose the weapon

About is a 2D Shooter game online that allows the players to make a room, choose a map and round duration then jump into the arena where they will battle against each other. You have to aim and shoot them down instantly when you catch sight of them. If you act late, you won’t have a high chance to win, vice versa, you may end up getting killed by others. To get the nice shooting position, you should make good use of the terrain and objects, like trees, stones or architecture. These elements will help you finish off the rivals more easily. Besides trying to kill others, you have to protect yourself all the time too. If you get shot, your game will be over immediately. You’d better attempt to survive as long as possible for a chance of reaching the highest spot on the leaderboard. Kick off the battle now! Good luck to you!

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