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To move, just press keys A/D or left/right arrow keys. To dash, just double click. For jumping, you need to press key W or up arrow key, double click for a double jump. Use key S or down arrow key for diving, bring up the emotion menu with key C, and use the emoticon with the number keys.


Let’s join an exciting beach volleyball competition in a wonderful Sports IO game called! You will play against your online friend and try your hardest to beat him/her. The game allows you to pick your favorite character prior to entering the competition. When it starts, you see that the court has two sides, one is yours and one is your enemy’s. You need to move around your side while trying to hold the beachball in the air. Keep it there as long as possible until you score a point, which means that the beachball of your opponent hits the side or falls down. If you let this happen to you, the rival will gain a point. Anyone who reaches 11 points first will become the ultimate winner of this competition. Be sure to pay attention to the surroundings, use your strategies to outsmart the rival and win. Wish you luck!

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