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Move your character by using arrow keys or WASD. Shoot the ball using the left mouse. Toggle HUD using Caps lock.

About takes you to the sand where you will begin a competition with your online enemies and try to defeat them all. This is a fun free-for-all web browser game with the .io concept. You are armed with a dangerous beach ball and you need to launch it skillfully at your rivals to wipe them out while avoiding getting hit yourself. The best tip for you here is to hold the shoot button for longer a bit to create a bigger beach ball, and you can deal more damage to the enemies. Try to pick up a lot of kills to strengthen yourself, your survivability will be much enhanced too. Stay watchful for the dangerous shark roaming the beach. He may attack and kill you anytime. The final goal here is to become the ultimate winner of this beach fight. Will you achieve it? Play then show off your skills! Good luck!

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