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Pilot your airplane using the mouse. Fire from your gun using the left mouse button, and click right mouse to speed up.

About is an epic dogfight 2D Shooter game where all pilots have to battle against each other for their survival. You control a plane around the skies to launch your attacks to others while protecting yourself from their bullets. You can make a speed boost to catch your prey too, but when you do that, a beautiful rainbow trail will be left behind. This speed boost also helps you make a fast escape from dangers that threaten your survival. Don’t forget to gather many blue dots which get you to the next level quickly, as well as don’t ignore the crates either. They will provide you with further health bonuses or even further stronger weapons. Don’t take any damage from the enemy bullets, or else you won’t be able to win the fight. Your objective in this IO game is to rule all the skies and become the best pilot of all.

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