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Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Click left mouse for charging the bomb, release it to throw. Click right mouse to deflect bomb, number keys 1-4 to buy an upgrade and spacebar for sprinting.

About is inspired by the classic Bomberman game. It is set in a large room full of enemies from across the world, and you play as a cunning bomber man who must kill all others using your bombs. You move around the map carefully trying to plant the bombs tactically. While doing so, you should stay watchful for the surroundings since you may get attacked from all angles. Make sure that you plant the bombs near your opponents so they will get blown up in just a bit. Also, another important thing you must know is not to hold the bombs too long since they will explode in your hands, causing the game to be over. It’s not easy to survive in this world full of bombs but your goal is to become the ace of the whole arena! Can you reach the top rank on the leaderboard to build your dominance? Play it now!

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