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Direct your character using the mouse, and press spacebar or click left mouse to swing your flail.

About is an exciting game where you will battle against new skilled opponents and show them your best skills. Start to make your way through a large arena trying to demolish all rivals by utilizing your flail. You have to swing it wisely when you are close to the enemies. By doing so, you can take them out quickly. Dish out as much damage as possible to the rivals before they attack you back. Paying attention to the surroundings is very important because if you don’t, you may take damage from the enemies, and too much damage taken will cause you to be destroyed, which ends the game instantly. There are plenty of food particles dispersed on the floor. Feel free to gather them so as to grow your flail size. A bigger flail will be able to deal higher damage to the rivals. The goal here is to rule the entire arena!

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