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Use the left mouse button to interact with objects and deploy your units.

About is an epic Tower Defense and Strategy game revolving around an intense battle between you and your opponent when you guys are trying to protect your own castle. You are armed with a lot of units, such as swordsman, horseman, spearmen, catapults, and archers. Your task is to deploy them carefully then let them attack the enemy castle while bringing yours a good defense. You can construct extra defenses too, like walls, mage towers or even destructive tesla towers. The most important thing is that you should utilize your resources wisely, show off your deploying skill so you can defeat your enemy. When your troops make advancement, they will earn a lot of experience, which helps them level up. This will grow their power too. Your sole objective in this IO game is to rule the whole arena. Take this chance to prove your abilities now. Let’s enjoy the game!

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