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Use the mouse to move around the map. Click left mouse to shoot, and use the spacebar or the right mouse to speed up.

About is a space 2D Shooter game online where you have to survive in a huge arena full of opponents. You have to control a planet around the arena to hunt for a lot of food. The food will be dropped by the dead players, so you can try to kill some of them then quickly grab their food to get yourself larger. Once the enemies are defeated, they will explode in a great supernova. However, you must stay watchful for your surroundings as the enemies can shoot at you and turn you into their food. If you want to make a fast escape, you should make a speed boost then get away from the dangers easily. But when boosting, your mass will be ejected, so you this feature carefully. The main objective is to become the largest planet in the whole arena! Jump into the game now to show your skills!

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