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Control your character using the mouse. To dash, you can click the left mouse button.


It must be awesome to play as a cocky fighter in an Agario Style IO game called! The main task is to finish off all enemies using your sausage. At first, the size of your sausage is very small, so you need to increase its size by gathering a lot of dots scattered on the ground. The more dots you pick up, the bigger size your sausage will reach, giving you more power to fight against others, especially the tough ones. When you move around the map, make sure you keep an eye on the arena to avoid getting hit by others. The enemies won’t be hesitant to attack you with their sausages, and once they do, you will be destroyed instantly, causing you to restart it from scratch. In the risky case, you should speed up to get away from dangers, or when you are in a hot pursuit, you can use it for catching up the target. The goal here is to rule the entire arena! Have fun!

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