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Use the mouse for the movement. Press key W, spacebar, left mouse, or right mouse to speed up.


In the arena of, every player has to direct their own cute cartoon car around a huge map trying to kill each other. All cars are armed with the front bumpers that must be used wisely for the fight. You have to drive around the arena carefully trying to smash into your opponents with that front bumper, but you must defend the sides or rear of the car, or else you will get damaged. There is a nitro meter that will allow you to make a nice speed burst once it’s refilled with the coins you have gathered on the ground. Having some speed burst gives you an edge over others! You can smash into them with destructive effect, and take them out easily. You must survive as long as possible in order to establish your ultimate dominance in the whole arena. Feel free to join it now and show your skills!

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