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Move your character using the mouse. Press keys QWE to use a skill.

About is a game inspired by! You spawn in a huge arena as a small little cat, and through over time, you must grow up by eating a lot of foods as well as enhance your power by gathering numerous gems dispersed on the ground. This will give you a high XP and help you level up much faster. Eventually, you will be able to evolve to learn further skills. It’s inevitable to bump into the enemies. Once you meet them, you must eliminate them by biting them from behind while protecting yourself from being bitten. Try to prepare some good tactics, use your special moves so as to outplay your rivals. You’d better keep an eye on the surroundings, don’t let any enemies sneak up on you, survive as long as possible until you climb the top of the leaderboard. Can you achieve the goal and conquer the arena? Play it now!

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