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Use keys WASD for the movement. Click left mouse to use the items or assault the enemies. Charge or jump with spacebar. Drop items with key Q.

About game is another Tower Defense and RPG game in which you have to survive a lot of dangers, such as hunger, wild animals, monsters, and enemies. They are all the risks in this IO game, so if you don’t know what to do against them, you won’t be able to survive. Try to move around the map to gather resources, and do many things such as obtaining 20 wood from a tree, crafting a pickaxe by utilizing the crafting bar, getting a lot of food from killing the wild animals. You must construct a powerful stronghold as well as battle against aggressive clans. Defeat all of them with your abilities along with nice tactics so you can survive longer and continue your adventure. As you level up your character, you will have to enhance your skills too. Try your hardest to become the best survivor of all. Come play it now! Have fun!

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