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Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Press spacebar for charging, click left mouse to assault the enemies, and use key Shift to sneak.


If you already play, you should join which is the sequel to the first game and take a chance to experience new challenges, new features as well as a new epic battle. When you first spawn in the arena, you have nothing in your hands, so you need to search for lots of materials, like stone, wood. After collecting them, you can utilize them for crafting useful weapons, items, tools or even building a strong shelter that provides you with a better defense. They are all basic things you must do for your survival. When you make advancement, you can collect new resources to craft further items. The main point here is to fight off all rivals who never stop attacking you. To kill them, you may need some teamwork spirits with other friendly friends. Try to work with each other to beat the dangers, and survive until you become the strongest one. Have fun!

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