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To direct your dot, just use the mouse or arrow keys. Press spacebar or click left mouse to speed up.

About is one of the most awesome Style games that you have to try. The game consists of an addictive gameplay, along with amazing features. You may get familiar with the rule “big dots eat small dots”, but this IO game also contains a different thing. You will move your dot with a mouth around the map in order to collect the generated dots. The more of them you collect, the bigger your mouth will become. This is also the main goal of everybody in the arena! But the different thing mentioned above is that your dot will begin to get smaller once again every time you level up. Therefore, you are supposed to scale up more and more. Don’t let the bigger mouths eat you up, or else the game will be over. You can speed up the dot to chase other or run away from dangers. Have fun playing it now!


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