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Control your character using the mouse. Click left mouse button to speed up, click right mouse or use spacebar to plant bombs.


Get ready to drill a lot of tunnels for precious minerals in! In this free-for-all Strategy game, you take control of a drill and try to make your way through the ground for making many tunnels. Put your effort into digging to gain a good amount of materials, then make a good use of them to better yourself as well as go buy brand new improvements that strengthen your drill. This will be a fierce drill fight since you will battle against lots of enemies. They can get stronger than you, so make sure you won’t let them surpass you. To kill them, you should plant bombs in the tunnels, let them explode after a specific amount of time. However, you have to be careful with the drills and bombs of your opponents. Crashing into them will be an end for you! Stay away from those dangers, survive longer so you can win!

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