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Use arrow keys or WASD to move your mining craft. Click left mouse button to interact with objects.

About puts players in a brutal fight where they must beat all ancient guardians and other defenses that are defending its precious resources. You need to construct an exclusive exocraft for yourself, then, try to increase your fleet of drones so you can defeat the enemies. Take control of your mining craft carefully, fly around in space to discover the entire strange planet as you attempt to scavenge the wreckages with crystal points. You need to mine a lot of resources from the wreckages and points. But you shouldn’t focus on mining them much without protecting yourself. The aliens will try to stop you from collecting stuff, and they won’t be hesitant to kill you. Pay attention to the surroundings as well as keep your craft safe all the time. You should sell your collected resources to earn money, then use the earning to improve your mining craft as well as brand new equipment.

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