Feudal Wars

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Click left mouse button to interact with your objects and units in the game.

About Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars

It’s time become a real commander in an exciting epic military strategy game called Feudal Wars. You have to build a strong army, train your units, teach them all tactics then send them out into the fight against other enemies so as to vanquish their realms and bases. There are several facilities you need to build, like military training facilities, research facilities and resource production facilities. They all have their own specific use, also, they can help you develop your army. Never stop training your units! You must maximize their abilities in order to defeat the rivals. Develop your own strategies, then, use them to cope with all dangers around. The main objective here is to vanquish the entire land and turn yourself into the best commander of all. If this genre is your cup of tea, make sure you check it out right now! The victory is awaiting you ahead! Good luck!

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