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Use the mouse to move, click left mouse or spacebar to slash the rivals. Use the right mouse or key W to run away from them.

About is a classic Strategy game with an exclusive concept. You become one of the cunning goons trying to wield your own strong sword to kill your opponents before they wipe you out. It’s all about kill or be killed, so you must perform your abilities and use your tactics wisely for your ultimate survival. You see that there are many colored blobs around the map. Just try to pick them up so you can increase the size of your sword. Be careful with the swords of others! You should elude them fast so you won’t get hit. When you are trapped, just quickly use the dash to get away from it. If you feel confident, you should follow the top scorers then utilize your tactics to conquer them. Trying to become the best blade master is not an easy task! But you have to obtain that goal if you want to dominate this arena. Good luck!

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