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Uncover a hexagonal space using the left mouse. Mark it with a flag using the right mouse. 

About is a fun classic Strategy game but very hard to master. It will remind you of a classic Windows game of minesweeper in the past, but this time, you will play with lots of enemies online. Every single player has their own part of the map. Your main mission here is to extend it by trying to uncovering the blank hexagonal spaces around you. If you get the right one, the surrounding hexagons will enlarge. You can mark a hexagon with a flag, but if a hexagon that you covered happens to be a mine, the explosion will begin, causing you to start it over again from scratch. Sometimes, you may find it 50/50 chance to uncover the blanks, and you know nothing about what will happen to you if you uncover one hexagonal space. Therefore, you’d better play with a good strategy to outplay your rivals. Wish you luck!

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