Hyper Fleet (beta)

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Shoot at enemies with the left mouse. Control the thrust using key shift and press number keys to use the skills.

About Hyper Fleet (beta)

Hyper Fleet (beta)

Hyper Fleet (beta) is a 3d spaceship combat game that is free for all. You will experience a brutal fight where the survival definitely matters. The only way to surpass all challenges is to work with your online players. So try to team up with them in this combat against the aliens. These wicked enemies are trying to destroy your planet, so you must quickly fight them off to keep your home planet safe as well as bring the peace back to it. The aliens pop up in waves. They even dispatch a fleet of smaller fighter craft or even large battle stations followed by fleets of ships. You must use your strategies wisely to destroy all of them. When you take damage, you should get back to the docking station to fix as well as refill the ammo. As you progress, you will be able to unlock further stronger ships with better weapons and armor. Join the game now! Good luck!

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