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Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Press key E for a special move, spacebar to pass the flag, key T for a team chat and key Enter to chat.


If you are searching for a 2D game online with capture the flag style, then don’t skip! This awesome Tower Defense game surely keeps you addicted. It offers to you two matches, including classic and deathmatch. Each of them has their own objective! In the death match, you need to become the flag carrier in 10 seconds for more points, and try to seize all towers that have the golden flag. If you are the first juker finishing the match, your ranking score will be much increased. But in the classic mode, your main goal is to become the first juker gaining 3 points. If you finish this goal, you will increase your rank on the leaderboard too. No matter what match you join, just make sure you prepare tactics in advance, and use them with your excellent skills to defeat your opponents for an ultimate win. Wish you luck!

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