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Use keys WASD for moving around the map, click left mouse to fire, use key R for reloading, spacebar for jumping, use key Shift for crouching and key F for spraying paint.

About is a nice first-person shooter that is playable for free in your browser. You will join an intense battle where you fight as a pixel soldier whose mission is to kill all enemies using his warfare tactics. This battle is not easy to conquer, therefore, you have to try your hardest as well as utilize your smart strategies to cope with all the dangers around, especially the tough rivals who like to ambush others. Make your way through the huge map and always have your weapons ready to shoot down everything in sight. Sharpen your ability throughout the course of the battle so as to kill the enemies more easily. The more kills you pick up, the more points you will earn. Keep increasing your points until you get to the highest rank on the leaderboard. The battle is on, so jump into it right now to conquer everything!

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