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Use the left mouse to cast the current spell. Click left mouse to interact with objects. Use keys WASD or arrow keys for the movements. Press key Enter for chatting and use spacebar to clear the current spell.

About is set in a wonderful world of magic in which you will meet a lot of wizards, fellow mages, wicked monsters and other enemies. Prepare yourself for a fight in this fantastic yet dangerous world as well as grab a chance to use a lot of magic. You are armed with some elements that must be used wisely to create a lot of spells. Then, you can use the spells to call for minions, protect yourself, trick the rivals and other interesting things. Feel free to work with some friendly players to construct a strong base. Once you guys work together, it will be much easier to fight off the enemies. In addition, you can trade your spare spell scrolls with other friends for other spells that you don’t own yet. Create your own world of magic and try to become the best leader in this world. Wish you luck!

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