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Click left mouse button or spacebar to fire your enemies. Use the right mouse button to run, press key Q or use the mouse wheel scroll to switch your weapons. Press key W for running.


Here comes another survival game with Battle Royale style! Enter an epic fight in then show off your abilities. You will confront with a lot of cartoon characters in this IO game. Start to roam around the map to scavenge some stronger weapons that are dispersed on the ground, then make good use of them to annihilate your enemies. You can totally switch your weapons that will suit your playing style. Focus on killing the rivals because for every single of them you destroy, you will earn extra bonuses, like health regeneration as well as increased speed. But you shouldn’t forget to pay attention to the playable area that keeps shrinking until all players are pushed close together. Surviving is such a hard goal, but that doesn’t mean you give up on it. Make sure you become the last man standing! Let’s give it a shot now! Hope you have a blast!

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