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Move your army using the left mouse button. You can use the ultimate skill by clicking the right mouse button.


It’s not easy to survive in an epic battle in an Agario Style IO game called But you must put all your effort into conquering the enemies for your ultimate glory. You begin with a small army of loyal units, and your job is to control them to hunt for wild animals as well as collect a lot of resources for more experience points. By gathering a lot of stuff, the size of your mob will be bigger too. Keep improving your army until your units are completely confident, that’s when you can launch the fight with others. Try your hardest to get rid of all enemy mobs and destroy everything getting in your path. The more mobs you annihilate, the more money you will earn, which then allows you to purchase brand new units or even powerful upgrades for yourself. Your objective is to vanquish the whole land! Play it now!

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