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Use keys WASD to move your character. Use the mouse for looking around, keys 1-9 or click mouse to choose items. Click left mouse or use spacebar to collect items or assault enemies.

About is a Strategy game focusing on a fierce combat between the connected players. You have to start constructing your own farm to produce a lot of points and do whatever it takes to keep it safe from being assaulted by other enemies. Roam the map carefully to smash a lot of trees, rocks, and bushes so that you can collect more resources that can be used to expand your territory as well as bring you more defense. Also, the gathered resources can even help you create many buildings with handy items that promise to give you more points. Be aware of other enemies because they may have a chance to ambush you. Use your tactics and skills to launch your attacks to others! If you make advancement through lots of ages, you can get a lot of new items. Play the game now and see how long you can survive!

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