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Use arrow keys or WASD to move your footballer around the map. Press spacebar to shoot the balls, use key Shift or key Z or key M for a booster.

About is a sports game online where you play with so many friends from across the world. Take this chance to prove your sports skill and try to defeat all enemies to become the best footballer of all. Start to cruise around the map as a skilled player, find and kick the balls into the right nets to get more points. Be careful when other enemies try to obstruct your movements! They can steal the ball from you and get an edge over you with their abilities. Always be on the lookout for the surroundings, put all your efforts into scoring the most points possible as well as utilize your tactics to prevent the enemies from scoring their goals. Just prove your abilities to the whole world and let them know that you are the best player in the entire arena. Kick it off then conquer all in-game challenges! Wish you luck!

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