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Use keys WASD for moving and jumping. Use key E to throw a grenade, key C to lie down, and shoot at the enemies by using the mouse. Switch the weapon using the mouse wheel scroll.

About game gives you a nice chance to prove your shooting abilities and become the best gunslinger of all. Join this 2D Shooter game now if you are into this kind of genre in the IO games series. You see that all the rooms are made of platforms, and you have to take a leap over them or you can use them as a strong cover. The main mission here is the same as what you did in the Multiplayer shooting game, which is that you need to shoot down all enemies when they are in your sight and try to defend yourself from being taken out. To power up your gunslinger, you need to collect the power-ups like weapon ammo, shield, ghost, grenade, and ammo box. They will help you defeat the rivals more easily. You can use the shield to become immune to the bullet damage for a bit, and the ghost can make you invisible to others. Can you survive longer for the fame of being the best shooter of all? Check it out!

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