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Use the arrow keys to move your character, press spacebar to smash a wall.

About Namcap


In Namcap game, you will join one of two teams to start the battle. This classic Maze Team game gives you so many challenges to go through. There are two teams here, team yellow and team ghost. If you belong to team yellow, your main task is to absorb the green dots for gaining a lot of points, try to release a blinding item to get your chaser confused. Also, you can absorb a pill to revenge on the ghost as well as consume them back. The objective for the team ghost will be different. You guys need to chase and absorb the yellow enemies in order to take their points away. Don’t forget to ambush the rivals by smashing a wall. Also, if you consume a pill, your points will be increased, and you will get some additional wall breaker items. Try to lead your team to a final victory! Wish you luck!

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