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Direct your fleet with the mouse. Use spacebar to speed up, and use key 1 for purchasing a ship.


Fly around in space with a fleet in game to collect a lot of resources. Your main task in this space shooter IO game is to get resources so you can purchase brand new ships to upgrade your fleet, and don’t forget to shoot down the enemies that are trying to kill you. The battle is very intense when you have to face off against many skilled rivals from around the world. So, you should prepare some strategies in advance to cope with them. Normally, you should aim at the fleets that are smaller than you, while staying away from the larger ones. Try to spend your resources on new ships and upgrades wisely. Power up your fleet so you will become stronger than ever, which helps you prolong your life. The main goal here is to climb the top of the leaderboard! Are you ready for it? Time to enjoy the game now!

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