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The mouse is used for moving around the map and click left mouse to assault the enemies.

About is a web browser game inspired from,, and Style. You will enter a huge arena where you battle against so many skilled rivals online. At first, you are just a small player who needs to grow up even more. You develop yourself by eating a lot of food dispersed around the ground. The more of them you eat, the larger you will become. When your growth meter is full, you will be able to evolve into a stronger player. Don’t be hesitant to shoot at other players to steal their food, but make sure you protect yourself from their attacks. If you get hit, the game will be over instantly. Pay attention to the surroundings and dodge all the enemy assaults in time. If you gather enough food, you can unlock further characters. Try to survive as long as possible for the leaderboard domination. Have fun, guys!

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