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Control your character around the map using the mouse. Use keys Q, W, E for running faster, farting and shooting fart.

About is a fun game where you become a tiny butt and your main job is to shoot fart to kill other opponents. This IO game allows you to customize your character following your own style by choosing skin colors as well as some costumes. When you jump into the arena, you have to roam the map carefully, absorb many beans, time your fart so as to take out all enemies in your sight. Some power-ups can be found around the arena, such as stinky farts, fire and deadly fart, or even a fast running ability to break all other butts then absorb their tasty beans. They all help you defeat the enemies, so make sure you collect them and use them to your advantage. Make sure you stay watchful for the dangerous players who are stronger than you because they can steal your mass, cause you to be sick or even wipe you out by using just several items. Try to survive longer so you can rule the whole arena!

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