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Move your car around the map using the mouse. Press spacebar or click left mouse button to speed up.


It’s time to let the world know how well you can drive through a vast city full of enemies in a car battle game called! You have your own car bumper, so you must use it wisely to crush other enemies once they are in sight. The bumper is very strong, just one single touch from it is already powerful enough to wipe out a car. You need to protect yourself from others who won’t be hesitant to destroy you using their car bumpers. Make sure you always keep an eye on the surroundings so as to cope with the dangers in time. Don’t forget to pick up nuts dispersed on the ground. They will help grow the size of your bumper. In addition, you are able to speed up your car to catch up the prey using the nitro boost. This will also help you get away from dangers. Your goal is to vanquish the whole arena! Good luck!

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