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Use arrow keys to direct your character. Perform a light fast attack by pressing key Q, use key W to perform hard-hitting attack. Use key E for dodging or evading, and key R for special skill.

About Obsidio


Prepare yourself for an online intense brawl in Obsidio game! There are lots of skilled enemies that need to be taken out, so let’s join it now to battle against them. You will pick a character for yourself first, which is Chain, Simca or Zeer’kaan, and make sure you use your given abilities wisely to defeat the opponents. Whenever you destroy a target or get a help, you will receive a nice percentage of the experience of that target. Normally, you will take 40% of the experience if you finish a kill, and 10% for an assist. Try your hardest to destroy all enemies standing in your way to the final glory. Don’t die! If somebody defeats you, it will be a game over for you instantly. Focus on earning more kills or assist so as to grow your experience, which powers up yourself more. Pay attention to the colors of a player’s name as well as map indicators because that’s when you know how strong they are compared to you. Will you be able to reach the top? Give it a go now!

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