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Use the mouse to move your fish around the map. Click left mouse to assault the enemies, merge the fish by using the right mouse.

About is an adventure game inspired by You play as an anglerfish that has to roam a vast map to hunt for more foods and eat them up to increase your own fish squad. While you are in the food quest, you have to be aware of the enemy fish with bigger fish armies. They can eat you and bring your adventure to an end. You’re better off eluding them as much as you can so you will be able to prolong your life. The more fish you gather, the safer you will be! You should focus on enhancing your squad, and when you get stronger, you can go defeat larger enemies easily. Don’t forget to kill a jellyfish so you can get a great bonus which gives you an edge over the rivals for sure. You are even allowed to merge the smaller fish into bigger ones if you want. See how long you can last and if you can rule the leaderboard or not!

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