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Use the mouse to select your orbs and click left mouse to shoot. Press key X for a superbomb, and key C for a shield.

About is a 2D shooter game where you have to direct orbs when they orbit around the main sun. Select one of the orbs then try to fire from it in order to kill another orb then take control of it. Other enemies are doing the same task, so if you let them take all of your orbs, you will be destroyed for sure. The best strategy for you is that you need to keep the orbs bunched together, and never let them scatter over the arena. You should prepare several smart strategies then use them to steal the orbs of your opponents. You can gain power-ups charges when the game advances, these power-ups will help you cope with all dangers easily. Your goal is to become the final player alive so you can dominate the whole arena. Show off your abilities, conquer all challenges and prove to others that you are the best one here.

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