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Control your ball using keys WASD or left mouse button. Split it using spacebar or left mouse, rotate the view using the mouse.

About game offers to you stunning 3D graphics with a lot of challenges to go through. In this game, you take control of a ball that keeps rolling over the map, and try to absorb other smaller spawned balls or roll over the enemies in order to increase your size. Basically, this IO game sounds like another clone of, but it has different features to experience. When you increase your size, you can split your ball into many pieces, but make sure there are no big players around you when you do so, or else you will get eaten. Just always keep yourself away from bigger enemies if you want to survive longer. Besides that, you need to elude spikes too! They are very dangerous and can totally smash you into pieces, causing all of your points to be lost. You have to fight for the top spot on the leaderboard. Good luck!

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